EARTHAREL Linen-Denim-Jeans “Twain” darkblue


Organic linen Denim of European origin and Austrian processing

All raw materials and processing steps from Europe – a true YOUROPEAN

Easy to care for, breathable, long lasting and very resistant

Airy, yet beautifully falling linen denim from Austria

Average delivery-time 14-28 days, all prices including 20% Austrian VAT

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All fabrics of our weaving mill “Vieböck” are manufactured in Helfenberg, Upper Austria. They do not use any third party merchandise. The corresponding raw material (flax and yarn) comes exclusively from Europe (France, Belgium & Holland, the spinning mill is in Italy). Finishing of all linen fabrics is purely mechanical and of course also in Austria, in Gmünd in ‘Waldviertel’, Lower Austria.

Flax is a resource-saving and sustainable plant. The frugal plant loves barren soil and does not need any fertilizer. No artificial irrigation systems are required when growing flax. In comparison, one kilogram of cotton requires around 11,000 liters of water.

Fair & Social The Vieböck weaving mill controls flax cultivation, harvesting, yarn production, spinning, weaving, finishing and sewing for environmental compatibility, as well as compliance with important social criteria: fair pay, no discrimination, compliance with statutory working hours, safe & hygienic working conditions, socially responsible management, in order to obtain a recognized certification.

Material 100 % Flax respectively Linen

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30/32 (XS), 30/34 (XS-long), 32/32 (S), 32/34 (S-long), 34/32 (M), 34/34 (M-long), 36/32 (L), 36/34 (L-long), 38/32 (XL), 38/34 (XL-long)