I was born into safe and well-guarded surroundings; I was ‘lucky’ – but too many people living on this planet are not allowed to this kind of luck: To at least have the chance to live their lives in dignity; to have the freedom of speech; to have the right to try and fail and try again and fail again and then fail better. Those people are not provided with such chances. Not provided with them by us.

I have endured many defeats and was allowed to celebrate a lot of victories in my live. I have fought and bled, have fallen and stood up again, and most of all I’ve been given the opportunity to regain my respect for this wonderful planet and the people living on it.

Where to begin? Is it about making this world a better place? Is it even possible to really change something for the better?

Honestly, I do not know. But I do know very well that by establishing Y/O/U I did not just found a company ‘with a mission’, I foremost tried to plant a seed that might grow into something beautiful, a spark able to one day bring to the surface the very best in each of us, as we all are able to do so much more – hence, only YOUnited we will be in a position to really change something. I might have made a start but we need your support. We need you.

Y/O/U is not just a ‘company’, it is meant to be an idea. An idea based on the firm conviction that only together we actually really do have a chance to change things for the better – but it takes every YOU to achieve this goal.

We are not a non-profit-organization though, we also have to provide for a living. We produce organic clothing, mostly jeans and skirts, all organic and FairTrade-certified and with as much basic products and assembly made in Europe as we can achieve – France, Austria, Germany, Hungary, etc. – in order to reduce COx-pollution for production and transports to a minimum level; we are eager to pay fair wages, to only use what nature already has given us; we sincerely wish to make products that can be sold to all our customers at a more than reasonable price, products that will endure and last for as long a period of time as possible – there is nothing more sustainable then long-lasting products, especially when it comes to clothing.

Nevertheless, we have embedded into our statutes the obligation to use as much of our profit (if any) as economically reachable in order to support environmental and social projects all over Europe. In order to achieve full transparency we will publish any and all of these activities each year on our website.

The question is: What kind of planet do we want our children and their children to inherit from us? Do we want to continue destroying and exploiting it just in order to make more and more money, whatever it takes?

I have made up my mind long ago: I definitely do not want all that. We all are empowered to make an impact and start a change for the better, but we have to stand up for it and act – nothing in this world comes as a ‘free lunch’. I would be glad and humbly proud if you would choose to accompany us on this journey in whatever way you might deem fit!

With all my heart

Philipp Marouschek